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London Ukrainian Review is a special publication of the Ukrainian Institute London.

Dedicated to three decades of Ukraine’s independence, it discusses the challenges of climate and sustainability, achievements in cinema, literature, and academia, while looking ahead to what Ukraine has to offer to the world.

The Ukrainian Institute London hopes that this special publication will grow into a journal of culture, ideas, and new writing that will tackle global challenges through the prism of Ukraine while adopting a distinctly internationalist perspective on the Ukrainian past and present.

We are inspired by Ukraine’s position as a gateway to Europe, a cultural crossroads, and a treasure trove of resistance strategies. We aim to open up the diversity of Ukrainian perspectives and experiences to new international audiences.

If you wish to see regular issues of the London Ukrainian Review covering an array of topics – from literature and art to politics and the environment, through a variety of forms, including intellectual essay, reportage, poetry, short fiction and visual art – please support us by making a donation to our crowdfunding campaign.


The Team

Sasha Dovzhyk

Olesya Khromeychuk
Director of the Ukrainian Institute London

Maria Montague
Deputy director of the Ukrainian Institute London

Martin Lohrer
Tech and editorial advisor

Danielle Craig



To pitch a piece, please contact the editor at explaining your idea and specifying the genre of your potential submission. We are looking for:

Essays (up to 1,500 words)
Reviews (up to 1,000 words)
Poetry (up to 3 poems)
Fiction (up to 3,000 words)
Visual Art (up to 6 pieces)


Image: Artist Andrii Sahaidakovskyi in the process of creating a wall inscription, Mystetskyi Arsenal. Photo by Oleksandr Popenko.

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Ukraine: 30 Years Young

On the anniversary of the momentous referendum on the Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine, this special publication of the Ukrainian Institute London takes stock of what makes Ukraine – thirty years young and feisty – a treasure trove of untold stories.

Sasha Dovzhyk
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Ukraine as an Object of Knowledge: The State of Ukrainian Studies

The Ukrainian Studies programme at the University of Cambridge will enable students to study Ukrainian language, culture, and history at the highest level for as long as the University exists. One of the key people responsible for this achievement is Rory Finnin, the Founding Director of Cambridge Ukrainian Studies, whose career became linked to Ukraine in what he describes as a ‘wonderful twist of fate’. Editor of the London Ukrainian Review Sasha Dovzhyk talks with him about the challenges of advancing Ukraine as a field of study on the international level and the lessons that Ukraine can teach the world.

Sasha Dovzhyk